1. Why should I use patient planet?
  • Patient planet was founded with a goal of empowering older adults to live independently and with dignity by providing best home care service. We create custom plans for our clients around the 24-hour day, adjusted according to our free assessment. Our solutions are not only cost-effective, but provide the highest value to our clients because they provide assistance when it is needed.


  1. What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept both online (PayTm, Googlepay, Phonepay) and offline payment methods.


  1. Where are you Located?
  • We are located at EG -16, Rajdanga Main Road Near Khejurthala Mandir, Kolkata 700107


  1. How can I Contact you?
  • If you have a question, comment, suggestion or want to reach out for any other reason, you can contact at care@patientplanet.co or you can call us at 8910975941.
  1. How can I book your services?
  • The services can be booked directly through our website patientplanet.co or you can call us at 8910975941.
  1. Can I choose a doctor of my choice?
  • We will try to accommodate your requirement, but it also depends on the availability of the doctor.
  1. If I book a package, can I postpone or reschedule the visits?
  • Yes, you need to inform us 8 hours prior to your schedule visit or consultation.
  1. Do I have to buy any equipment related to treatment that I book for home service?
  • No, our team will carry the required equipment for the services.
  1. Can I book multiple services at one time?
  • Yes, you can tell us about all your requirements and we can schedule services as per your need.
  1. Can I book sample collection for lab test at home?
  • Yes, you can contact us at care@patientplanet.co or call us at 8910975941 and book slot, our experienced phlebotomists will collect the samples from your doorstep at your convenient time.
  1. What are different types of services you provide?
  • We provide a wide range of services including homecare services, specialists on board, physiotherapy, diagnostic, pharmacy services, and nutrition and diet consultation.