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Recapturing Wellness through Healthcare at Home

Its an everyday scene at the medical facility the world over, well not always but mostly, a patient sits at the waiting room/lounge twiddling his thumbs basically doing nothing waiting to, being called by the Doctor for his check up.

Now, If we were to calculate the man hours wasted it would present a very sad state of affairs.

Doc, you realize your office is a lot like Disney World

” an unhappy patient quipped to Mark R. Wheeler, an internist in Louisville. “It’s a three-hour wait for a 20-second ride.”

If anyone visited any Hospital situated in Tier 2 cities it is mind boggling to see doctors performing excellently there is no visible signs of any one performing Triage on the walk-in patients so anyone with common cold would take half an hour chatting up with the doctor and the doctor would happily oblige but the lesser known Pappu Uncles and pados wali Kamla Auntys (John and Jane Doe’s for the Western world readers) would have to wait no matter how serious their condition.

m would be to have a close look at the Healthcare at Home model. Earlier it was fairly easy to get the doctor visit your home, so what happened to the true art and Science of bedside diagnosis.

Healthcare at Home could be transforming healthcare with clinical services eventually. What better way to get more bang for the buck if the Health care at home Service entity provides palliative care along with Nursing care, Physiotherapy, 24 hr Attendant, Doctor on call, Vaccination & Elder care and care for patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s disease.

I also believe there would be mushrooming of few pop and mom shops but as long as they deliver and add to the upliftment of health of patient community and empower patient in the long run it would not be a problem.

The Service entity could provide outstanding, person-focused specialist nursing care. Their skilled nurses can deliver complex medication management education and supportive care for people with cancer and chronic disease. I personally  believe that this model of service can provide a safe, high quality alternative to hospital-based care.

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