Our team Patient Planet is offering at home care services including nursing care and home visits and consultation by specialised doctors for all the elderly individuals who are in need.

Nursing Care:

You can expect to receive a variety of home care Nursing Services from our expert team. The most prominent services are:

  1. Educating the patients about their health
  2. Managing basic healthcare needs.
  3. Administering medications
  4. Emergency healthcare support needed
  5. Wound care
  6. Elder care
  7. Chronic care
  8. Vital monitoring
  9. Pain management

Apart from taking good care of elderly, our home care nursing services can help you to get nursing services for babies. We are capable of delivering male and female attendant care and nursing duty services.


Specialised doctors:

You can expect to receive home care visits and tele consultation from specialised doctors.

Diagnostics at Home

Experienced phlebotomists will collect your blood samples for testing.

Diet counselling at home

A specialised dietician will help in making your diet charts according to your health needs.

Physiotherapy at Home

You can expect to receive a specialised physiotherapist for therapy.


Medicines will be delivered at your doorstep.

    Medical Devices at Home